Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loving it!

I've made a decent amount of sales in the past week, which means I have more money to spend on supplies. Right now every extra penny I have is going into my craft. So when I make a sale it is going right back to the wonderful sales people of Etsy. It feels REALLY good to make sales and it feels good to buy from the other shops.

I've located a few new shops I hadn't found before...and I'm excited to search through them. Here's one of the new sellers I found... santabarbaradesigns, I am really loving all of her vintage charms. I think these might be my favorite! They are Sterling silver over brass filigrees Moroccan drops
I'm REALLY loving this shop! Head on over and check it out if you love vintage jewelry supplies.

Be sure to check in on Friday when I will be making my big announcement....
*wink wink*


Fantastic Figments said...

hello fellow NYer love your jewelery!


gaffergirls.com said...

hi Jillian..
we love your jewels..
mona & the gaffer girls

Michelle Meyers said...

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