Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not MIA!

Nope, not missing in action, just been really busy...with life. Nothing in particular, I just haven't had any time to sit down and blog or create. Both sadden me...I'm hoping to do both this weekend!

I thought since I haven't, I'd share a picture of myself with my lovely boyfriend Seamus.

This was at the Rochester Museum of Science. We had a nice time that day, we went because they have a butterfly exhibit...and I love butterflies.

I have also talked more with that friend from high school about designing her wedding jewelry and I think we have most of the logistics figured out. It's going to be a TON of fun...only thing left for me to do now is design it and figure out costs...and then get down to it!! I can't wait. I will be sure to share everything with you all.

Okay, I think I might try reading tonight. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Cow!!

I am featured in another blog!! I am super thrilled and honored!! Laurie of Elle a Belle Designs, chose to feature me. Please check out her blog as well as her Etsy shop, her jewelry is really spectacular. Thank you so much Laurie!

I also had a wonderful email through Facebook, from an old high school friend. She had noticed one of the links I had put in my status of a pair of my earrings. She commented on how pretty they were, I responded and thanked her and then received an email asking me if I'd work with her to design some bracelets for her July wedding. I'm thrilled!!!

What a good day!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A few of my favorites!

I was thinking, this evening, that I have never done a 'favorites' blog post and decided that tonight would be my first.

I'm going to start with sweets, because I am craving some Oreo's right now...
In ellesweets shop you can find many MANY different delicious goodies! My personal favorite? Reeses Peanut Butter Crownies, don't they look delicious!?
I am obsessed with all types of jewelry supplies, I just can never seem to get my hands on enough. One of my favorite places to get ear wires is RockisSupplies! They are all handmade and an absolute delight to work with. I've made a couple of pairs of earrings so far and can't wait to make more. My favorites are her Elfin Ear Wires - Artisan Oxidized Sterling Silver.

There are MANY talented jewelry makers around Etsy, one of my favorites is elleabelle designs. Her jewelry is always absolutely stunning!! One of my favorites is her Tidal Pool. Urban Luxe Necklace. It's gorgeous, but go take a look-see yourself!!

These are just a few of my favorites....I have many more, and hopefully will be doing more 'favorites' lists in the future.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A custom order...

I had my injection today, which I found out is actually an epidural. It was not pleasant, quite uncomfortable. I am not feeling any differently but they told me it could take 3 - 5 days to feel a's hoping. I suppose if my back, leg and foot go back to normal I can handle the pain I felt during the procedure and the pain I am feeling now.

But on to more exciting news...last week Seamus handed out some of my business cards to the women he works with. One of the them jumped right online and found a pair of earrings she liked and wanted a necklace to match. I was thrilled, it was my FIRST custom order!! So her and I worked out the details. My mind has been stewing on what to create for the last week, I finally decided on a design and made it for her this afternoon. I was very happy with my I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will be too. Below are the earrings and a picture of the necklace...I enjoyed making it sooo much that I might make another and put it in my Etsy shop. Here are some pictures...

I also worked on another new pair of earrings, but didn't finish with them until it was dark so I'll need to work on pictures tomorrow.

I also wanted to quickly mention that Mia of Miabeads and BeadsAnonymous is holding a giveaway on her blog, check it out!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For those of you who don't know, I've been having back and leg problems since a few days after Christmas. It got pretty severe in early January and I went to my family doctor and they did the usual things testing whether this and that hurt and then prescribed me Ibuprofen 3x's a day...and nothing got better. I went back for another visit and they sent me for an X-ray of my lower back. That was done and my doctor told me that I had a narrowing of my lower spine which usually indicates a herniated or bulging disc. Unfortunately due to it being just a regular X-ray it was not a definite yes or no. Now with my insurance, I am required to go through some PT before they'll approve an MRI which is just fine with me, I am horribly claustrophobic. I went through some PT, things were more manageable. I was able to sit at work and do my job without being completely preoccupied with the pain in my leg.

I went back to my family doctor, and since things were not yet 100%, and I still had numbness in my left calf and foot she sent me to a back specialist. He performed a few physical tests on me, checked if I had reflexes in both feet and I didn't. My right was fine, the left was not! I was unable to stand on my tip toes with only my left foot, a task that was simple with my right. He said that he could with almost definite certainty determine that my L5 lumbar disc was herniated, but I'd need an MRI to determine this.

...soooo today, I went to Buffalo MRI and had one done. It was a VERY unpleasant experience, not due to the staff there...they were amazing. I had to have a washcloth over my eyes so that I didn't open them while in the machine. I actually had an open MRI too! But it is open in the on the sides, but it is still right there in your face. It took 30 min to do the scan, but I survived. But I can not explain to you how fast my heart was beating because I was so nervous.

That's what it looks like...
Thank goodness it is done, and they said all my 'pictures' came out well, so I shouldn't need a repeat visit. Now I will go in for a cortisol injection in my back, in the lumbar that is herniated. This is supposed to alleviate the pressure on my nerves, which is causing me the pain and numbness down my leg. This, so I've been told, is NOT pleasant, but is usually quiet successful. I sure hope so! I've been walking with a limp for 3 months because I can not bend my toes without forcing them, it feels like they are constantly sleeping. I will have to reteach myself how to walk once things are fixed.

Anyways, sorry for the woah is me story...I just thought I'd share with you, what I've been going through. Thanks for reading!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Blogs!!

Well I happily just spent the last hour going through a ton of different blogs and following them. Here's the link to the Etsy forum where you can find plenty to follow... There were sooo many, I haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but that's the beauty of blogger is that you can follow them and catch up when you have time. It really is so fun!!

Added another new pair of earrings...what do you think? Check out my Etsy store to see more!

So check those blogs out and follow!! I love getting to know all sorts of people from around the world that I would have no chance of getting to know otherwise, it's wonderful.

Jillian :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'd like to send a BIG thank you out to PamperingBeki for featuring me in her blog! I am so excited to have been chosen. She did a 'love list' so be sure to stop on over and check out what else she has featured.

I also posted 2 new pairs of earrings. These 2 are my new favorites...I love the oxidized silver with the dark beads.

If you want to check out these two, and everything else I have listed stop on over to

I few more pairs that I need to get up and I'll hopefully get to that tomorrow.

I have a pretty decent week. I picked up my new car Thursday and have driven it around everywhere. I really love it and I'm very happy with the choice I made.

Alrighty, I believe that is it for me for tonight!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I haven't been feeling really great the last few days...stomach problems! It could have been a virus or a new medicine I started taking this week...either way I am feeling better and will be hopefully doing some blogging this weekend. I have a bunch of things to share, for now I am going to head to bed and get a good night's rest.

Be sure to check out my Etsy page!

Jillian :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A title?

I have no idea what to call this blog so I gave it the best I could come up with. lol Not to bad, right...hehe

Anywho--I got a bunch of new goodies from Etsy yesterday and I got a chance last night to work with them, man was I in the zone! Seriously I was pumping pairs of earrings out right and left...I created 5 new pairs. I have yet to take photos yet, it was too cloudy here today...but definitely within the next few I'll get some taken.

I am absolutely 100% addicted to Etsy. This includes my shop as well as shopping everyone else's sites, especially the jewelry suppliers. I can find a million things that I'd like...the problem is that I keep putting money into my business but I'm not getting that much out. I don't mind, because I really do love making jewelry but my bank acct is hurting. :( Oh well, I will keep on creating and spending my time doing what I really enjoy.

Those are a pair from my last uploaded batch...I promise, some really great ones to come!!

Okay, now I am off to visit everyone else's blogger-rooney! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Sunday!!

No idea why I named today's blog that, other than simply it popped in my head and I went with it. haha

So... I got my new car yesterday! Well technically I didn't get it, but I chose it and filled out the preliminary papers now it is just a matter of time. I need to get the loan from my mom's credit union and then bring it on in, and the car is mine!! I was thinking of getting a brand new Chevy Cobalt because there were good deals but previously I had test drove a Dodge Caliber and really loved it. The dealership we were at had a 2008, with low mileage and the right price and a clean carfax so I took it. I will probably pick it up late this week!! The picture isn't of mine, it's a stock photo...and mine is Silver, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

This morning, I got up early because of the clock change and I went and cleaned out my current car. So that's all done and ready to be traded in.

I also posted 3 more pairs of earrings....I'll share one of the pictures with you.

Okay, my parents should be calling me soon! We're meeting them for lunch today.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yummy dinner!!

Seamus and I went for a delicious dinner tonight!! We went to this place called The Irishman.
It's in Williamsville, NY, and if you're from around this area I HIGHLY recommend it. I go there pretty frequently for lunch and such and I always enjoy it sooo much. The food is always delicious and they hand-cut their fries and they are sooo yummy. I tend to always get the Reuben, and the best part is that they do not use seeded rye...I hate fennel seed. BLAH! So yup, it was yummy!

Tomorrow is car shopping, I'm really hoping for some good deals!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Okay, I think it is bedtime for this lady!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

MORE earrings!! :)

Ahhhh...nothing feels better then getting a batch of earrings up and posted! I just finished with was a batch of four, but I always feel so successful after I finish. I also always hope that when I post them they make it to the newly listed scroll and they get some views! :) I included a picture of a pair. They are called Marguerite. Check them out if you want to see more pictures and different angles.

I also made it to a treasury this week, I was very thrilled and honored to be a part of that!

Those are my earrings in the third column second item down!! Unfortunately it expired already, but I always feel so special when someone chooses to include me and thinks my item is special enough.

I've had a pretty busy week so far, Monday is my physical therapy for my back which doesn't take all night but is just one more thing that keeps me from creating and/or blogging, Tuesday is laundry night because unfortunately I do not have a washer or dryer. :( Wednesday I had a bunch of errands to run and didn't end up getting a chance to relax until about 8:30 or 9. PHEW! Finally today I had a chance to sit down and spend time with my jewelry. :) Oh well, tomorrow is Friday and I have to say TGIF. This weekend I need to go car shopping, because my current car was totaled by a plow earlier in the winter, it's still drivable but won't pass inspection. It's almost 10 yrs old anyways, time for a new one. I'm hoping with the economy so bad that it'll be a buyers market out there. Wish me luck!! :) Sunday, I hope to do nothing but grocery shop and make jewelry.

Alright that is all for me for tonight, I'm going to go peruse the internet now.

.....Oh yah, visit my Etsy shop...

Okay, now time for night night! :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One pooped lady!!

So I've spent the last two hours working on jewelry...the two hours prior to that at the laundramat, and then the 8 hours prior to that at work. Needless to say I am pooped!

I am happy though, I sold another piece of jewelry yesterday. I was at work when I got the email from Etsy on my BlackBerry and man O man was I excited. I shipped it out today so hopefully the buyer will have it by the weekend. It was actually the earrings pictures in my previous blog. I also quickly made another pair and got them right on up. They're one of my favorites that I've ever made! Check out my site if you want to see additional pictures of them,

Okay, so I'm super pooped and now off to bed!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

New earrings!!

I just got finished adding three new pairs of earrings to my website on etsy. Check them out,

So my weekend was kind of a bust, yesterday I was supposed to go to a Buffalo Bandits game which is indoor lacrosse. We did go, but it stunk! The people that we were sitting by were obnoxious and completely ruined it for Seamus and I. Oh well! Today I worked on my Etsy shop and grocery shopped and that's about it. Nothing too exciting, I just wish there would have been more relaxing because I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!! :(

I just got an email from my sister who lives in Atlanta...they had snow today and quite a bit of it. She said her and her boyfriend went out and played in it. For her, it isn't an exciting thing (since she's a native of WNY), but her boyfriend is from Atlanta and rarely sees much snow. Luckily for us in Buffalo we had a beautiful sunny day with no snow...I'm hoping for more of the same in this coming week!

Okey dokey, that's about all for me for tonight. See yah all soon!!