Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank God it's Friday!!

I'm pooped and need a nice break from work. Well my day job, not the jewelry making, I'm sure I'll be working on that all weekend...but I enjoy that, it brings a smile to my face.

I think that's about it for me today, I'm tired and definitely want to just hit the hay. I still need to work on those pictures of my new earrings. LOL Soon...I promise!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think Spring may have sprung in Buffalo...maybe. I don't want to say that and have it snow tomorrow, but being that this IS WNY that is exactly what will probably happen. Oh well, I'm kinda used to it after 27 yrs (almost 28)!

I worked on a new pair of earrings tonight, I couldn't do more even though my brain is overflowing with ideas, because of my leg. It's been awful for 2 months and even with physical therapy it isn't completely better yet. Anywho -- I made this gorgeous pair of filigree bronze butterfly earrings. I haven't gotten any pictures yet because it was dark when I finished, but I promise I will get some this weekend and get them posted. I also made a couple pairs yesterday, which I will also get pictures of and get up online.

I was telling Seamus the other day how my brain is CONSTANTLY thinking of jewelry. Predominately earrings, but I do have some ideas for bracelets and necklaces, I've just been having a lot of fun with earrings. But I go to bed and I'm thinking about it, I dream about, I wake up and as I'm showering and getting dressed for work...I'm thinking about it, I sit at work and I think about it. No joke, jewelry is on my mind nearly 24/7 lately. I don't mind, I just wish I had more time to create and a leg that did not hurt!

Okay, I think that's it for me...I'll try and get some pictures of my new items up very soon!

Take care all!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My first sale!!

I'm so happy to say I had my first sale!!! I had some time in the evening yesterday and decided to go into one of Etsy's chat rooms. I found a featured seller room, and ended up making my first sale. I was thrilled. I got it packaged up and made it all pretty and got it in the mail this afternoon. I hope it gets there safely...I'm overprotective of them (it was a pair of earrings), like they were my child. HAHA I just hope I continue to make sales or that people continue to find my site. I'll include a picture of the pair that sold...

If you're interested you can check out the rest of my items at

Okay, I'm off to read for a bit and then off to bed...have a good night all!!

A nomination!!

I've been nominated for a lemonade award!! I want to thank Andrea Creates for nominating me!! I feel very honored.

The rules are as follows:
1)Put the lemonade award logo on your blog or post.
2)Nominate 5-10 blogs that show great attitude and or gratitude.
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I decided I would nominate the following individuals:

Take a look at these individuals blogs and give them some love!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New earrings!!

I added some new earrings to my Etsy page. I always have sooo much fun making them, I struggle with taking the photos though. I think I'm pretty good and getting better but it takes about 15 pictures per earring to get it right. Oh well! As long as I capture it, to show it's true's the website. Check them out!!

I can't believe it is Sunday night already, that means I have to wake up tomorrow and go back to the real world and I certainly don't want to do that. :(

Anyways, I need to do a few more things before I head to bed so off I go to work on that!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I wanted to thank bijouxdesigns for featuring me in her blog!! She posted a thread in the promotion forum of Etsy and asked if any undiscovered newbies would like some free publicity. Since I have yet to make a sale (and I'm getting antsy...hehe) I jumped at the request. I was very happy that I did, I gained a couple hearts from it and a bunch of views on that pair of earrings, and I'm sure some of my others too. Check out her blog at and her Etsy page. Thank you sooo much for featuring me Bijoux!!!

I made about 4 pairs of earrings tonight, and will take photos of them tomorrow and hopefully get them up and in my store sometime over the weekend. Be sure to check them out here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

About me!!

So I decided today that I would write a short little blog about me, tell you a little about me and my life.

Well my name is Jillian Mackowiak and I'm 27 yrs old, actually I'll be 28 in April. I'm not looking forward to that, it means 1 more year closer to 30. Not that I have a problem with 30, I am just not where I'd like to be when I hit 30. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus), we've been together about a year and 6 months. We have plans to be married, but money is tight and things just haven't happened yet. I am patiently (kind of) ;) waiting. I do adore him, and the wonderful things he does for me.

I work for a health insurance company in the area in their Medicare division, reconciling problems between our company and Medicare. I will have been with the company 3 yrs come March, that is a long time...but not the longest I've been with a company. I was with McDonald's for 5 yrs when I was in highschool/college. I loved working there because of my manager (he was very awesome) and the people...and I sure did learn a lot while working there. You'd be surprised what you can learn while working fast food. It's a tough job, so treat those that are the counter politely, chances are they're doing their best!!

I've been making jewelry since grade school, but stopped for awhile. When I was in college I just didn't have the time or the resources to make it...however I am back in and going strong. I enjoy it soooo much!

I am currently dealing with a slipped disc/pinched nerve in my back and leg. It is not fun, but I am attending PT and hoping things will get better.

I love reading, absolutely LOOOVE reading! Books are my friends. haha I also enjoy messing around on the computer, shopping for jewelry supplies and play a video game called World of Warcraft with Seamus.

Anyways, that is a little bit about me!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please remember if you read this blog and enjoy it and want to return to keep up with me and my adventures in jewelry making (while also working a full-time job). ;) Please click on the followers link in the left side bar!

Thanks!! :)


Soooo, I am new to the jewelry making and selling world but I'm trying to make it. I'm Jillian Mackowiak and I have been in love with jewelry since I can remember. I remember when I was in grade school my grandma or my mom would take me to the craft store to buy some materials. Back then (say about 11 or so yrs ago) my style was much different and of course simpler but I still spent so much spare time doing it.

Probably sometime around October/November of 2008, I discovered the site Etsy. I'm not sure where I'd been hiding because apparently it's been around for awhile, but it reminded me of my love for making jewelry. So I decided that after the holidays (I had to save all my extra money for Christmas gifts) I'd start making it again. And I actually did! My wonderful boyfriend Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus) got me a bunch of books and a $50 GC to a local craft store so I could start my collection of jewelry making supplies. I had so much fun just looking everything over but I had a very difficult time choosing what to purchase. My supplies have probably tripled in the 2 months that I've been working on it, but it is just as exciting everyt ime I go to make a purchase on Etsy or some local craft store.

I absolutely love this craft and hope to continue for a good long time. I've created a website for myself where I have begun to sell my jewelry, I hope you'll go check it out. My user name is jillianmackowiak, if you happen to forget my website...or you can just type in . Any of the above should work for you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

....and I will keep you all posted in my experiences of jewelry making!