Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elite Blog Artist Award

I'd like to thank my friend Duni of Lovely Purses for giving me this award. It is quite the honor to know people enjoy reading my blog!

I'd like to honor Andrea of Andrea Creates with this award.
I'd also like to honor Mary Grace of Mary Grace ...6 Kids and Jewellery

Last weekend was a success! I appreciate Etsy Admin for including me in their email and because of it I had A LOT of sales. It was a busy week packaging everything, and getting it ready to ship out but I got through it. Next time I will be better prepared, I didn't know what to expect.

I am all caught up and now I need to work on restocking my shop with some new items. And to do that I needed to do some shopping for jewelry supplies. I've spent the last through days going through my stuff and see what more I needed. I've had fun buying from other Etsy sellers and supporting their burgeoning businesses.

Off to do more shopping...have a great weekend!!


andrea creates said...

Hi there~Thanks so much!
Glad to see you've been doing well with etsy. I've been so busy with the move I can't wait to be able to make things again!
Thanks again,I really appreciate it:)

mary grace jewellery said...

Hey Jillian! Thanks heaps for the nod! Have fun shopping and restocking your Etsy!