Sunday, May 10, 2009

Senior Prom.

Hello everyone! As always, I apologize for disappearing for a few days. This new job is really beating me up (not literally) and I just do not feel like doing anything but relaxing when I get home.

A few weeks ago I told my youngest sister that I would love to design her prom necklace and earrings for free so she could be my walking advertisement. This is her senior prom, and I remember how it important it is to have one of a kind everything! My plan was to get it done early so that when she excitedly showed her friends her dress she could also show them her jewelry...there by selling another necklace or two to her friends. WEEEELLL that didn't exactly happen, I finished it this morning and I'm pretty proud of it. Here are some pictures...

So what do you think?? Do you think an 18 yr old girl will like it? I sent her a picture via text and haven't gotten a response yet, but she may be working. Not sure! I'm also making her earrings but haven't done those yet...maybe tomorrow.

Her dress is a very yellowy tangerine color so the beads I found will hopefully match the dress. But the reason I used mainly clear beads was so that it would match well.

Okay, off to make some meatballs for dinner. BYE!


Audrey said...

That's really beautiful!! She'll be very happy I'm sure.

andrea creates said...

I think it's really beautiful.Lucky sister!
Thanks for stopping by my blog~I really appreciate hearing from my blogging friends:)

Duni said...

I'd certainly wear it! The necklace is beautiful - especially the cluster pendant!
I'm sure she'll love it. After all YOU made it. A gift from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it will match perfectly and it is beautiful. When will you deliver it?