Saturday, May 16, 2009


So my sister's prom jewelry both earrings and necklace were completed and taken to her for her prom tonight. I was worried she wouldn't like it or it wouldn't match well...and I worried for nothing, she LOVED them! She had seen the pictures but because a camera can only do so much with sparkles she wasn't sure what it was actually going to look like. When I pulled them out of their packaging she went 'OOOOOOHHHH'. And seemed very happy!!! Here's a couple pictures of the earrings, they're not great pictures...but hopefully it shows okay.

I also have to report that I FINALLY got my creative vibe back. It's been missing for the past couple weeks due to my new job, I've just been so pooped. Today I sat down and got right to work, I made about 6 pairs of earrings and 1 necklace in just a few hours. Idea after idea popped into my head, I was thrilled. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures because I didn't finish until it was nearly dark...but hopefully I can work on that part and listing some of them tomorrow.

Okay, it's time to eat some dinner! Take care everyone!

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andrea creates said...

They are really nice:)
I understand about the creative vibe.Sometimes 'life' just gets in the way.
Wishing you lots inspiration-