Thursday, February 19, 2009

About me!!

So I decided today that I would write a short little blog about me, tell you a little about me and my life.

Well my name is Jillian Mackowiak and I'm 27 yrs old, actually I'll be 28 in April. I'm not looking forward to that, it means 1 more year closer to 30. Not that I have a problem with 30, I am just not where I'd like to be when I hit 30. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus), we've been together about a year and 6 months. We have plans to be married, but money is tight and things just haven't happened yet. I am patiently (kind of) ;) waiting. I do adore him, and the wonderful things he does for me.

I work for a health insurance company in the area in their Medicare division, reconciling problems between our company and Medicare. I will have been with the company 3 yrs come March, that is a long time...but not the longest I've been with a company. I was with McDonald's for 5 yrs when I was in highschool/college. I loved working there because of my manager (he was very awesome) and the people...and I sure did learn a lot while working there. You'd be surprised what you can learn while working fast food. It's a tough job, so treat those that are the counter politely, chances are they're doing their best!!

I've been making jewelry since grade school, but stopped for awhile. When I was in college I just didn't have the time or the resources to make it...however I am back in and going strong. I enjoy it soooo much!

I am currently dealing with a slipped disc/pinched nerve in my back and leg. It is not fun, but I am attending PT and hoping things will get better.

I love reading, absolutely LOOOVE reading! Books are my friends. haha I also enjoy messing around on the computer, shopping for jewelry supplies and play a video game called World of Warcraft with Seamus.

Anyways, that is a little bit about me!


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