Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not MIA!

Nope, not missing in action, just been really busy...with life. Nothing in particular, I just haven't had any time to sit down and blog or create. Both sadden me...I'm hoping to do both this weekend!

I thought since I haven't, I'd share a picture of myself with my lovely boyfriend Seamus.

This was at the Rochester Museum of Science. We had a nice time that day, we went because they have a butterfly exhibit...and I love butterflies.

I have also talked more with that friend from high school about designing her wedding jewelry and I think we have most of the logistics figured out. It's going to be a TON of fun...only thing left for me to do now is design it and figure out costs...and then get down to it!! I can't wait. I will be sure to share everything with you all.

Okay, I think I might try reading tonight. :)


andrea said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog....I have a lot of different collections of supplies-I'm a little embarrassed to say---buttons,fabrics,beads,papers...a little bit of pack rat in me:)

Sounds like you'll have fun designing jewelry for your friend.Will we get to see it when you're done?
Take care---

kellyssima said...

wedding jewelry??? wow that sounds exciting!

Duni said...

Awww...what a lovely pic! Hope you're feeling better these days?
That's really great that you are designing the wedding jewelry for your friend. Sounds like loads of fun! Good luck with that project - hey, and don't forget to post pics when it's finished :)

have a great weekend,