Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A title?

I have no idea what to call this blog so I gave it the best I could come up with. lol Not to bad, right...hehe

Anywho--I got a bunch of new goodies from Etsy yesterday and I got a chance last night to work with them, man was I in the zone! Seriously I was pumping pairs of earrings out right and left...I created 5 new pairs. I have yet to take photos yet, it was too cloudy here today...but definitely within the next few I'll get some taken.

I am absolutely 100% addicted to Etsy. This includes my shop as well as shopping everyone else's sites, especially the jewelry suppliers. I can find a million things that I'd like...the problem is that I keep putting money into my business but I'm not getting that much out. I don't mind, because I really do love making jewelry but my bank acct is hurting. :( Oh well, I will keep on creating and spending my time doing what I really enjoy.

Those are a pair from my last uploaded batch...I promise, some really great ones to come!!

Okay, now I am off to visit everyone else's blogger-rooney! :)


Anonymous said...

Me too, I have purchased so many beads, I have no room to store them now. I too love Etsy and making jewelry. The only thing I'm missing is time! Good luck with your endeavors.

bijouxdesignsforyou said...

Wouldn't it be nice if there were more hours in the day and a bottomless bank account! Making jewelry is so much fun though and I figure the amount I used to spend on it before I started making it was just as crazy!

Love those earrings Jillian, simple and classy:)