Sunday, March 1, 2009

New earrings!!

I just got finished adding three new pairs of earrings to my website on etsy. Check them out,

So my weekend was kind of a bust, yesterday I was supposed to go to a Buffalo Bandits game which is indoor lacrosse. We did go, but it stunk! The people that we were sitting by were obnoxious and completely ruined it for Seamus and I. Oh well! Today I worked on my Etsy shop and grocery shopped and that's about it. Nothing too exciting, I just wish there would have been more relaxing because I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!! :(

I just got an email from my sister who lives in Atlanta...they had snow today and quite a bit of it. She said her and her boyfriend went out and played in it. For her, it isn't an exciting thing (since she's a native of WNY), but her boyfriend is from Atlanta and rarely sees much snow. Luckily for us in Buffalo we had a beautiful sunny day with no snow...I'm hoping for more of the same in this coming week!

Okey dokey, that's about all for me for tonight. See yah all soon!!


andrea said...

Lovely earrings-and great photo-I wish mine were 1/2 as nice.
Sorry you had people spoil your game/day off.Hate when that happens.
We had sun and 75 degrees yesterday in So-Cal.I think it's supposed to be a lot cooler and rain.Oh well.
Have a great day-

BJohnson Jewelry said...

Thank you so much, and I just saw your very pretty earrings, nice job.