Friday, March 6, 2009

Yummy dinner!!

Seamus and I went for a delicious dinner tonight!! We went to this place called The Irishman.
It's in Williamsville, NY, and if you're from around this area I HIGHLY recommend it. I go there pretty frequently for lunch and such and I always enjoy it sooo much. The food is always delicious and they hand-cut their fries and they are sooo yummy. I tend to always get the Reuben, and the best part is that they do not use seeded rye...I hate fennel seed. BLAH! So yup, it was yummy!

Tomorrow is car shopping, I'm really hoping for some good deals!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Okay, I think it is bedtime for this lady!!


andrea said...

Good luck with your car shopping.I will have to wait a little longer for mine.Let us know what you get:)
Also thanks for the tips with the picture taking.I think I just twist the little dial on top til I get a picture I like.(So professional huh?)I will try and do the macro-or little flower setting and see if it helps.
Thanks again-

Christine Ratliff said...

So I don't live in Bufflaso anymore, but my folks do. I am hope to get home during my daughters spring break, later this month. I'll have to try the Irishman for sure. We are always up for a new place