Monday, March 16, 2009

New Blogs!!

Well I happily just spent the last hour going through a ton of different blogs and following them. Here's the link to the Etsy forum where you can find plenty to follow... There were sooo many, I haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but that's the beauty of blogger is that you can follow them and catch up when you have time. It really is so fun!!

Added another new pair of earrings...what do you think? Check out my Etsy store to see more!

So check those blogs out and follow!! I love getting to know all sorts of people from around the world that I would have no chance of getting to know otherwise, it's wonderful.

Jillian :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and elegant!

Timeless Designs said...

Lovely pair of earrings! I agree that sharing and learning from everyone is a huge benefit!

Andrea said...

Those are beautiful! They remind me of huckleberries!

Duni said...

Love the burgundy colour! In fact, I'm working on a clutch bag in satin in exactly the same colour. I hope to finish it soon.
And yes, there are so many cool blogs out there...I hope I find time to catch up on and discover new ones!